Saturday, June 13, 2009

Text Messaging

So this is very difficult for me. On one hand I would make out with the creator of text messaging and here's why. It eliminates the non-essential bull sh*! that comes with talking on the phone. If you need to see if 3pm works for a meeting and you call to ask, you go through how many questions that you really don't care about just to ask that simple question. Let's be honest, do you really care how their day is going? Nope! Just want to know if 3pm works....

Now on the flip side, trying to hold a full blown conversation via text is just retarded. (And I mean retarded in the very politically correct, non Special Olympic kind of way) You can't show emotion via text. And seriously, stop with the f'ing faces made out of symbols... A colon and parenthesis does not in any way, shape, or form, convey your excitement level. So Stop!

And that's "The Way I See It"