Friday, June 19, 2009


Oh how I love thee, that pretty bottle of vodkee...

Why is it that alcohol is such a big part of our society?
Glad you asked, let me tell you.

The reason alcohol plays such a big part in our society is because life is a beyatch. Alcohol makes you believe that its really not that bad. It creates this fictitious bubble of bliss around you that makes you feel like everything is just peachy!

Well guess what? It's not peachy. In fact, when you wake up from that blissful bubble with drool spots on the floor next to where you passed out, and a goat circling you, your pounding head will tell you otherwise.

So how do you cope with life without it you ask?
Well I'm glad you asked that as also...

Just don't stop drinking. ( as long as you are not driving a motorized vehicle of course ) If you just stay in a drunken stupor you won't have to deal with the after effects of having been drinking.

Now as far as it becoming a problem and needing to attend AA, we will address that as well.
Step 1: Admit there is a problem!
Problem solved. I just saved you money. You're welcome!

Plus, do you really want to start disappointing your parents now? Didn't they teach you to never be a quitter?

And that's "The Way I See It"...